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Doc_ Rob - Revenge OST (2018) [MP3 320Kbps]



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Торрент добавлен 15 May 2018 - 22:13

Категория: Музыка: Lossy

Тип рипа: Треки
Исполнитель: Rob
Жанр: Electronic, Synthwave, OST
Альбом: Revenge
Год: 2018
Количество треков: 20
Время звучания: 00:55:11
Формат аудиофайлов: MP3
Качество звука: 320 kbps CBR 44100 Hz
1. Revenge (6:03)
2. Peyotl (1:17)
3. Apple Bikini (0:47)
4. Rape Part 1 (3:12)
5. Rape Part 2 (1:26)
6. Rape Part 3 (0:47)
7. Tree of Death (2:10)
8. Jen in the River (1:23)
9. Revenge Pad (8:05)
10. In the Eye (1:21)
11. Cave (3:31)
12. Eagle Hero (1:15)
13. Duel (2:19)
14. Woman Hero (2:24)
15. Venom (1:33)
16. Naked Man (1:51)
17. Casbah Part 1 (2:30)
18. Casbah Part 2 (3:16)
19. Eagle Soul (3:49)
20. Revenge Slowpads (6:01)
Описание исполнителя: Robin Coudert (born 1978), also known by his stage name Rob, is a French pop/rock musician, singer-songwriter, producer and film score composer.
Coudert has played the piano since childhood. He studied at the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris.

In 1998, he released a very first EP, for a Source Records compilation Musique pour un Enfant Jouet. Three years later, the highly instrumental album Don’t Kill came out on Source Records (Daft Punk, Air, Phoenix, etc.), and a second album Satyred Love in 2002.

At the same time, Rob worked with Sebastien Tellier and Phoenix[2] on different projects. In 2005, he composed the original music of a short film, Pink Cowboy Boots, and produces several artists such as Melissa Mars (2005), Zaza Fournier (2008), Alizée, Adanowski (2010) or Leon Larregui (2011) - n°1 in Mexico. He also get on a new and complex work of art[3] with the label Institubes : le Dodécalogue

His work, which clearly sounds as the original score of an imaginary movie,[citation needed] gets rewarded and asked in the film industry. Rob tops out with art house films : Belle Épine, Jimmy Rivière, Eperdument, Planetarium ; mainstream comedies : Radiostars, Populaire, nominated for César Award for Best Music Written for a Film or thrillers like Made in France. He deals also with horror movies Franck Khalfoun's Maniac (2012) and Amityville: The Awakening (2016), Alexandre Aja's Horns in 2014 and TV show in Eric Rochant's Le Bureau des Légendes (1rst season in 2015, 2nd season in 2016).

Working as a duo with producer Jack Lahana (who did a remix of Don’t Kill), with whom he crates Hippocampus Studio, Rob has become a reference in the small world of score music.

There are moments in “Revenge” when nostalgia gets to the highest point as the synth music goes back to the dark, sci-fi 80s. I remember a couple of years ago one of my favourite scores was “Turbo kid” by Le Matos and I discover here, at times, the same sound. Rob knows how to make his music flourish and open new avenue of imagination. He is a wizard with the synths and the tech and I have the strange sensation of wanting to see and hear him perform live.

“Revenge” is a score for lovers of dark, retro electronic music and I fit right into the target audience.



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