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Azazelo Dream Theater - Distance Over Time (2019) [24.96 FLAC]


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Торрент добавлен 21 February 2019 - 21:01

Категория: Музыка: Lossless


Genre: Rock
Style: Metal
Source: WEB
Codec: FLAC
Bit rate: ~ 3,000 kbps

01 Untethered Angel
02 Paralyzed
03 Fall into the Light
04 Barstool Warrior
05 Room 137
06 S2n
07 At Wit's End
08 Out of Reach
09 Pale Blue Dot
10 Viper King (Bonus track)

The Grammy-nominated Long Island-based quintet Dream Theater are, in the 21st century, the standard bearers of progressive metal. While the subgenre's origins can be traced to Rush's song "Bastille Day" in 1975, and Queensrÿche's 1988 concept offering Operation: Mindcrime was its first full-length album, Dream Theater have largely defined and expanded the music's horizons since 1986. The band's ability to deliver tight, melodic, musically sophisticated songs and thematic concept recordings that encompass elements of hook-based hard rock, riff-fueled metal, syncopated prog, and sophisticated lyrics, have made them the act that subsequent genre bands aspire to and are measured by. While five of their albums have charted inside the Top 20 of the Top 200, ten have placed inside the top half of the chart. They have sold more than 12 million records globally. The recording that initially established their signature was their second, 1992's Images and Words, while 1994's Awake, 1999's Metropolis, Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory, and 2002's Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, cemented their place at the top of the metal heap. For 2016's The Astonishing -- a double-length dystopian sci-fi opera that reached the Top 20 on the albums chart -- they were accompanied by the Prague Symphony Orchestra and three choirs. Dream Theater is known for its high-energy concert performances. While they've released several live albums -- Live at the Marquee, recorded at the London club; Live in Japan, recorded during the Music in Progress tour in 1993; and Live Scenes from New York -- they remain one of heavy metal's most bootlegged bands.


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#1 Azazelo


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  • Сообщений 969
  • Торрентов 5821
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Комментарий добавлен 22 February 2019 - 00:09

Лучее, что я слышал со времен параноид паляроид.

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